Expanding a great design.

The Harkavy brothers and I collaborated on making a leather sling coffee table. We loved the design so much, we carried it over into making an end table.

The Sling End Table, nearly identical to its coffee table predecessor, is constructed using a powder-coated aluminum top, suspended by a set of hand finished walnut legs, and features a single piece of stretched austin double shoulder leather as a lower shelf. The powder-coated aluminum top provides a beautiful and durable surface for your morning coffee or evening scotch. It also has four tabs welded to it that perfectly line up with a set of holes on each leg support that are then fastened with two allen key bolts, which make for a unique and gorgeous joining of the two materials. The legs are stunning sets of hand crafted walnut. The addition of the allen key bolts securing the top and the lower shelf elevate the simplicity of the legs to be more that just supports and help anchor the modern aesthetics of the piece. And last, is the single piece of austin double shoulder leather that serves as a beautiful accent to the rest of the piece. It can be used for light storage/display such as magazines and books. This elegant leather shelf is attached using tapped rods that slide into loops stitched at the ends of the leather shelf piece and are then fastened to the legs using another allen key bolt that screws into the tapped rods.     

This/These end table/s make for an incredible accent piece to any bedroom or living room. Get the coffee table with them and have, in my opinion, one of the best aesthetically modern designed sets of furniture available. 

Again, I am honored to have been apart of the making of yet another incredible Harkavy piece and I look forward to the potential of another.

If you are interested in purchasing the Sling End Table, click the link.