Here at LAST we have a life-time guarantee on all of our products. If any of your LAST products are damaged or faulty due to manufacture error we will fix or replace it at no cost to you!  


Todays society is filled with fast fashion and it comes at a great cost to both you and other people around the world. Though it is convenient that the clothing that is in style is cheaper than ever, it is doing a serious injustice to people around the world and to you! People in the fast fashion factory industry are being severely mistreated and poorly compensated. And on top of that, you are being sold clothing made in the fastest way possible with the cheapest materials available. And because of this, they fall apart, fade away and hold no value to you or anyone else. This is a broken system. We want to change that by making products out of the highest quality material and using slower means of production to ensure that the products you invest in are fully worth your time and money. This is why we have a life-time guarantee. We truly believe that our products will last you a life-time, and if they don't, we would like to fix that.  To learn more about our products, check out our "How It's Made" page.


If one of your LAST products becomes faulty, you can send us a email at nich@shoplast.co to inform us on what the issue is. We will then give you an address to send the product back to. Once we receive it we will either fix or replace it depending on the damage, and promptly ship it back to you. We want or products to be the last ones you own and we don't want anything to come between that if you so choose. Thank you for choosing us, we really appreciate you and your business.