The Kamstra


This is The Kamstra:

Clint Kamstra is a portland based photographer that captures unique life moments. An embrace between two lovers… A heated argument between people with different world views… A child dropping his ice cream cone… All moments that express a specific feeling that we all can relate too when we see it. Passion, tension, loss; All of these can be captured in the right moment, and lost if you miss your opportunity. Clint Kamstra lives for these moments. And this is why he needs a camera bag that is as ready as he is.

We worked together to create the perfect camera bag that fits all of Clint’s needs. The first thing we did was remove all the usual time wasting clasps or snaps that are normally found on these bags. We went with inset magnets between the layers of leather for the closures. This way, access to his equipment is as seamless and smooth as lifting the top or bottom.


When you are someone that captures these quickly fading moments you need your camera to be easily and readily available. I custom molded a foam insert, that I later wrapped in leather, to eliminate fumbling around to grab the camera. This way it is always in the exact same place, in the perfect position, always at the ready.


Clint shoots with a Leica film camera so he is always changing out rolls of film. To accommodate the need to rapidly change out rolls of film, I installed a strap in the lower compartment that is looped to hold new “ready to go” rolls of films. This way he can toss a used roll into the bottom and quickly grab a new one without skipping a beat.


Clint is also an avid note taker. So we placed a pocket in the upper compartment that fits his Field Notes note books and a pen. The upper compartment also has enough extra space for his phone and wallet, or any other daily carry goods.

And last but not least was the design. If you know Clint Kamstra, you know that he is a master a curating his heritage aesthetic. Because of this, the bags design was inspired by vintage camera bags. The wide stitching, the rigid frame, and the burgundy/brown leather all work together to make the bag hold a truly vintage feel while the clean lines and geometric shape hint at its modern creation.